Create sustainable institutional transformation

Connect experience, capital, and impact to help improve more than your bottom line.

Nclude Capital is a minority-owned private equity platform that invests in B2B lower middle-market firms across the United States.

We work within our unique networked ecosystem that shares our commitment to diversity and inclusion to source opportunities, recruit talent, and collaborate with customers. Our experience has taught us that purpose and profits are not mutually exclusive.

3PT –  Prioritize: People, Process and Technology – is our proprietary system that aligns the capital that we invest with the stakeholders that we serve. 3PT ensures that we strive to enhance both the companies in which we invest and the communities in which they live.

Nclude Capital is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, with a team based around the United States. Our focus is on providing both control and non-control investments in firms where we can enhance the long-term value, with core values that uniquely identifies a path that is differentiated from the rest of the market.

Our strategy is grounded in our founder’s experience co-founding one of the leading minority-owned investment firms in the United States, Gun Lake Investments, where he grew the firm from inception to sixteen investments in six years. We understand the challenges for minority-owned firms because we have lived them. Whether accessing capital, building key relationships, breaking into tight industry networks, or managing sensitive family business issues, we have experience in  turning these challenges into opportunities.

Our passion lies in the belief that as Nclude Capital helps our investors meet their goals, the greater the opportunities for our firm, employees and partners to further promote diversity, equity and inclusion across all aspects of business and society. There has never been a better time to play a small part of this historical shift and we hope to reduce the friction for all firms to participate in these efforts.