Buyout and growth capital financing to fuel growth

The opportunities available to middle market companies that lead with purpose and values have never been greater.

We provide controlling and non-controlling capital in B2B lower middle market companies with revenues between $20 million to $100 million across the United States. Through our 3PT framework, we partner with management to implement intentional and focused value creation programs with a priority on people, processes, and technology. 

A shortage of labor, an increasing rate of technological innovation, supply chain issues, and ESG considerations have only added to the infinite pressures of running your day-to-day business. Well run organizations are all-to-familiar with these challenges and know the importance of reinvesting to meet the demands for tomorrow; however, its wealth may be locked up in the firm or the expected timing of returns are well past the investment horizon of the owner. The passion for growth is there for your employees and community, but the energy or capital is not. 

Our experience allows us to relate because we’ve been there – we provide management the resources they need to elevate, ultimately positioning the firm for scalable, valuable growth. We have successfully fought through the challenges of accessing capital, creating valuable partnerships, improving operations and breaking through societal and political barriers to achieve great success.




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